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She … contains some adult content

She … the Trilogy:

She … tells the stories of three women. Pittsburgh drew them there, seeking happiness not least through vibrant sex lives. But as their goals were different, that formed the only common ground they shared. Each found their quest was fraught, and their dreams proved elusive. All of them enjoyed early wins, which became spoiled, leading to unexpected outcomes. It’s no surprise that macho males caused many problems, not least by inept pursuit of business deals. Despite treading a commercial tightrope with apparent success, they failed to deliver intended benefits. Then fate brought tears and smiles without fear or favor.

Book 1 – She Caught a Fallen Star                  Republication Date, 31st January 2022

Book 2 – She is and always was                     Republication Date, 31st January 2022

Book 1 – She was in Two Minds                     Republication Date, 3oth June 2022

She Caught a Fallen Star: When she was abused by her future brother-in-law, the story didn’t end. It had just begun. She remained unlucky when crossing paths with other men. Although she escaped from Scotland to her birthplace in Pittsburgh after receiving a small inheritance, she faced further abuse there. A sporting hero she met proved witty and charming, but he was no gentleman, and her good fortune soured. Once married, she tried and failed to tame the violence and sexual desires of her husband. Not until she was penniless and alone with a dependent child did she manage a second escape from torment. But then she discovered her true destiny.

When he fell in love, the story didn’t end. It had just begun. His lover’s former partner haunted her, but it wasn’t only her who harbored a ghost of a lost amour. His trauma began and ended in his mother’s birthplace in South Korea. Once their pasts were resolved, married life became sweeter, even though saddened by ageing relatives. But then he discovered his true destiny.

The crossover between the two couples involved a business deal the menfolk struck. Although they overcame hurdles to earn a life-changing sum, the eventual payday came too late. Their lives had already changed, and those surprising aspects of their futures emerged. See Prologue and first two chapters Here

She is and always was: When he realized he wasn’t he and became she the story didn’t end. It had just begun. The mechanics of transition formed part of her problems. She submerged the mental impact with superhuman efforts while attempting to be ordinary. But her revised gender did not define her sexuality and the search for a soulmate made trying to be normal harder. Sexual encounters and even finding love provided no solutions. But then a new love gave hope, although nagging doubts about her spirituality remained.

When he became unwell, and healthcare costs ballooned, the story didn’t end. It had just begun. The mechanics of staying healthy within inadequate budgets formed part of his problems. He submerged the mental impact with superhuman efforts while attempting to be ordinary. But that ambition meant the specter of depression hung over him. The search for his soulmate, while short of resources, threw up more issues. Even finding love added to his heartache, as sex alone didn’t satisfy fulfil the relationship. Moreover, his spiritual heritage was compromised.

Their lives interwove, and the outcome was they both became more extraordinary. There were no regrets. See Prolog and first two chapters Here.

She was in Two Minds: When she gained an MA in American Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, the story didn’t end. It had just begun. Returning to her home city with the love of her college life proved a false start. Then she became absorbed with helping her father overcome illness that forced him to undergo a career change. The empathy she developed as a caregiver drew her to a new lover needing similar support. But then two people relied on her. One in Pittsburgh and one in Philadelphia. By sharing her, they both lost control. Although the competitors for her attention began on friendly terms, a collision course was inevitable.

When his successful research work led him away from Edinburgh to Pittsburgh, the story didn’t end. It had just begun. In Scotland and, initially, in the USA, benevolent professors mentored him. They kept his demons contained. Then came a spectacular financial gain that altered his lifestyle. Soon after that she came into his life, and he deluded himself that being at peace (and in love) meant he remained in control. A reverse in fortunes accompanied the realization he was broke and broken. Life was without point.

When he, with his daughter’s help, resigned his naval commission, and he followed an ambition denied by his high society parents, the story didn’t end. It had just begun. After his lifeline of help reduced, he tried to follow his dream unaided. The vision he pursued sank into a dense mist of self-doubt. As it absorbed him, life was without point.

When, for different reasons, abject failure threatened her men, she helped neither. Each suffered a depression so deep that suicide formed their common response. Then they met and knives flew. One of them was bound to die. See provisional prolog Here

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